MJE Group News

Statement From Founder & CEO

I am a Ugandan.

I may adopt other nationalities and marry from other cultures, have children who are dual citizens but I am Ugandan. It is a statement that I cannot wash off when I go to the bathroom, it remains – I am a Ugandan.

I have come to realise that I can use the forest of ideas that I am living in to better the life of those that I feel for.

I have for a long time been reading the very bad news coming out of my country, which I left in 2004, where the simplest of products or services are not readily or easily available. Schools, Hospitals and Homes lacking basic products like gloves, stationery, technology in form of computers, tablets and other accessories.

I believe that with a clear vision like ours at MJE BUYS, we will succeed. The platform we have created enables everyone, every institution, every authority with knowledge of it to purchase quality products and services at affordable prices aimed at mitigating the lack of manufacturing capacity to avail products like gloves, computers for institutions.

Having registered success in England with a successful commercial cleaning company, we hope to expand to Uganda when the market allows.

We are also coming with a charity company designated; PENNY DROP CHARITY (PDC), and venturing into farming and forestry in Uganda where we have acquired 10 acres of land and counting, from The Buganda Kingdom.

We need your prayers as we strive to achieve all this in our lifetime.

J.E. Muwonge