Our standard charges vary between freight mode. We have Air Cargo and Sea Freight

Air Cargo: This is slightly expensive but suits those clients who want their goods in less than a week’s time. Air Cargo costs £5.00 per kilogram as the standard charge and the approximate delivery time is between two days from the order despatch date to one week depending on the products.

We will keep you updated when the order is despatched.

Sea Cargo: This is the cheapest mode of freight but will take a long time to arrive. Delivery takes approximately a month to arrive to Kampala. A client may get the delivery earlier but not later than a month. Sea Freight costs a standard charge of £3.00 per kilogram. This can change on the downward or upward trend depending on circumstances not controlled by MJE Buys; say, natural disasters, economic depression or recession, among others, and should this occur, any increases or decreases will be communicated in time.

MJE Buys reserves the right to change the cost of shipment and the delivery schedule but if we do, we will inform you about the changes. We guarantee that no changes will take place without adverse information.

MJE Buys aims to deliver on time depending on the freight mode.
Air Cargo; The approximate delivery time is between two days from the order despatch date to one week depending on the products.
Sea Freight; A client may get the delivery earlier but not later than a month with the exception of December, where we have the festive season.

For more information on this, please see our ORDER PROCESSING page.

In summary, after ordering, a customer will get a confirmation email with all the payments made.

Depending on the freight mode; Air or Sea, we will give you an approximate delivery date. This email should contain your customer details, order number, payment made, order summary and the delivery date. In case you don’t receive our email, please contact us through your account so that we capture your details.

On receiving the delivery, please check that all items on order are delivered in pristine condition, the warranties in place, and the product return procedure in case the product qualifies for returns.

All products are despatched after full payment has been made. We will not process your order without receiving full payment in our accounts including direct payments and PayPal.

The confirmation email will be accompanied by an invoice. Most despatched goods will have a printout of the invoice inside.

Please let us know after receiving the product whether you have received the accompanying documents on delivery. Some couriers will throw them away or misplace them but we make it a point to give you all the necessary documents relating to the product.

Of course you can request our dedicated Customer Support Team for assistance if you have to. This may include product support and the team will give you the best possible response.

Please click HERE to view our disclaimer for the services we offer. MJE Buys Online uses a number of companies for courier services, product sourcing, among others and this may affect the service but we aim to provide a smooth experience for you as we aim for your return.

For more information on shipping, please CONTACT US


Depending on the country you are resident in, we will aim to take the payment after you have confirmed the order. You will need to make sure that you have the necessary funds in your account in order for the payment to go through. We confirm receipt of your order after receiving your payment.

We have money back guarantees and dispute resolutions.

For your safety and ease of mind, we have subjected ourselves to the financial rules and regulations of England and the laws that govern the transactions are derived from the English law, the European Law and the US Laws. We use PayPal and other payment forms which offer guarantees for any money paid.

We urge you to read the PayPal payment policy and know your rights.

Please read our RETURNS POLICY.

Alongside the information we have provided, we urge you to use a smart phone to take photos of the damaged or wrong products and send them to us.


– You need to take the photos in the presence of the courier and let them know that you intend to report the products as damaged or as a wrong delivery.

– You need to invite the courier to take photos of the damaged products. This will enable us to establish who is responsible for the damage.

It is most likely that staff of MJE Buys Online will, not handle the products after despatch until when they reach you. We aim to send you goods in the best condition including the packaging.

Unfortunately, if the order is paid for and confirmed, no changes can be made from that stage. You will need to ensure that you press the button after carefully looking at the order and what you want to be delivered.

Changes to the order can only be made while in the process to place one.

We use tracking technology to track your order after despatch. This is to let us know where the product is at all time. Once the order is marked as despatched MJE Buys Online is responsible for ensuring that the items reach you in time and in good condition. This is the reason we are deploying the tracking systems.

Your obligation once you have received the order and are happy with the delivery, is to sign the goods received note. It may be a form of PDA signature or paper form. We always recommend that you go back to our website and add a review for the product, just to help us out and make us and other customers aware of your experience

You may have desires, but no funds at that moment when you visit our site. We have enabled you to keep those products that you may want to purchase in future in a store called “Wishlist”. When added, these will not appear on your order and you will not pay for them. The list is just a reminder of what you wanted to look at in future.
You may also want to purchase a product from us but cannot find it on our website. We have availed a medium to enable you to contact us with details of this particular product or products and we will liaise with you to quote. This is a great medium in a way that you will no longer have to use expired products on the market, you have a chance to tackle scarcity. That means there will no longer be scarcity of gloves at Kiruddu