We offer outstanding convenience, at choice and value aimed achieving customer satisfaction.
With outright reach in the East African Market and the desire to make a difference, we’re helping make our customers’ lives easier. We have something for all the family, including top gadgets,  electronics & technology, home & garden, medical & hygiene, children & toys and academics & supplies. We offer exclusive lines for schools and medical facilities. We offer customers what they want, how they want it, through our wishlist and online services.

Our vision is to be the most trusted online retailer in East Africa, offering goods and services that our customers can afford but cannot access, at affordable retail prices. We aim to achieve this by ensuring trust, meeting deadlines and keeping our promise to deliver.

Customer care is the heart of our business, our success  and growth depend on our ability to deliver within a specified time in anticipation that the client will return.

Joseph Emmanuel Muwonge
MJE Group Owner / Founder

Trust, Speed and Customer care are key in the East African retail environment. Our strategy to avail products though the online channels makes it easy for customers to shop with convinience whenever and however they want. This is in line with our core principles, i), ii) and iii)

Our product source, The UK is a respected location where all worldly goods can be found. We tap into the rigorous quality checks and the ensuing laws to provide our customers with quality guaranteed wider selection of trusted products across home, electricals, technology, toys, clothing, academics and medical supplies.

Our business strategy outlines how we’ll achieve our vision of being the most trusted retailer in East Africa. Since we first launched, nearly 10 years ago as MJE Investment Limited, we have been looking to get products on the East African Market that customers can afford but have no access to.
To reach our goals, we’ve identified four strategic priorities that we believe will build trust and goodwill.

The Board will collectively be responsible for the long-term success of the Group and we will achieve this through the creation and delivery of sustainable shareholder value.

In addition to setting the Group’s strategy and overseeing its implementation by management, we will provide leadership to the business including on culture, values and ethics, monitoring the Group’s overall financial performance, and ensuring effective corporate governance and succession planning.

The Board will also be responsible for ensuring that effective internal control and risk management systems are in place.

Our Founder will be responsible for leading the Board, setting its agenda and monitoring its effectiveness. Joseph will be responsible for executing the strategy once it’s been agreed by the Board.

I am a Ugandan.

I may adopt other nationalities and marry from other cultures, have children who are dual citizens but I am Ugandan. It is a statement that I cannot wash off when I go to the bathroom, it remains – I am a Ugandan.

I have come to realise that I can use the forest of ideas that I am living in to better the life of those that I feel for.

I have for a long time been reading the very bad news coming out of my country, which I left in 2004, where the simplest of products or services are not readily or easily available. Schools, Hospitals and Homes lacking basic products like gloves, stationery, technology in form of computers, tablets and other accessories.

I believe that with a clear vision like ours at MJE BUYS, we will succeed. The platform we have created enables everyone, every institution, every authority with knowledge of it to purchase quality products and services at affordable prices aimed at mitigating the lack of manufacturing capacity to avail products like gloves, computers for institutions.

Having registered success in England with a successful commercial cleaning company, we hope to expand to Uganda when the market allows.

We are also coming with a charity company designated; PENNY DROP CHARITY (PDC), and venturing into farming and forestry in Uganda where we have acquired 10 acres of land and counting, from The Buganda Kingdom.

We need your prayers as we strive to achieve all this in our lifetime.

J.E. Muwonge

We’re committed to high standards of corporate governance, and apply the main and supporting principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code where we have other business operations like STOT Quality Services Company Limited. This Code emphasises the need for well-balanced, effective boards, strong overseeing of risk management, alignment of remuneration policies with shareholder interests, and sound shareholder relations.

Our Future Board and committees aligned to the fourth principle of forecusting and long-term thinking;

The Remuneration Committee will recommend and review the Remuneration Policy, ensuring it is aligned to the long-term success of the Group. It will also approve the remuneration and benefits of Executive Directors and the Operating Board, and broader remuneration principles throughout the business.

The Nomination Committee will review the balance of skills, knowledge, experience, independence and diversity of the Board and its Committees, and succession planning at Board and senior management levels.

The CR&S Committee will review the sustainability strategy and the Company’s progress on the key corporate responsibility initiatives including
our values, and colleague and customer engagement.

The Remuneration Committee will recommend and review the remuneration policy, ensuring it is aligned to the long-term success of the Company. It will also approve the remuneration and benefits of Executive and Operating Board Directors.

MJE Buys is guided by four principles:

i) Customer satisfaction rather than competition.
ii) Passion for help and support while we leave room for growth
iii) Commitment to operational excellence, and
iv) Forecusting and long-term thinking.